IMPACT Wedding - The complete wedding venue experience at IMPACT Muang Thong Thani, we provide all-inclusive wedding services, transforming the ambiance of your wedding into a time of happiness, lasting impressions, and cherished memories. We are dedicated to delivering impeccable services to you and your special guests.

With a variety of wedding venue sizes available, from intimate to medium-sized and grand, we cater to every lifestyle and preference of the couple. Our goal is to create a wedding experience that is tailored to your desires, at a reasonable price.

Let us create a wedding celebration that exceeds your expectations at IMPACT Muang Thong Thani, where every detail is taken care of to ensure a truly unforgettable occasion.

Wedding Venue

Wedding Venue
Experience a luxurious venue that will transform moments of happiness into precious memories.

Wedding Decoration and Complimentary

Wedding Decoration and Complimentary
Enjoy personalized backdrops featuring the bride and groom's logo on the stage, a gallery display, beautiful bridal bouquets, a mock wedding cake, corsages, a registration desk, and standard flower arrangements, among others.

Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage
Delight in an International Buffet, Cocktail Reception, or Chinese table featuring carefully selected, high-quality ingredients adhering to ISO 22000 standards.

Over 25 Years of Wedding Experience

Over 25 Years of Wedding Experience
Benefit from the expertise of our skilled and exceptional wedding service team.

Special Price

Special Price
When you utilize our skilled partners' services, such as a wedding officiant, photographer, or procession equipment, you will receive a special discount.

Accommodations and Spa Package

Accommodations and Spa Package
Complete your wedding experience with our accommodations and spa packages at Novotel Bangkok IMPACT, ensuring a memorable stay and indulgent spa treatments.

Wedding Ceremony


Impact Wedding is dedicated to offering a wide range of wedding services and a selection of function room styles for you to choose from. Our expansive venue caters to all wedding styles, whether you prefer something authentic or extravagant. We believe in making every effort to ensure that your special day is memorable and unique, regardless of cultural or religious backgrounds. Whether you're planning a groom-bachelorette bride's party, an engagement ceremony, or the wedding itself, we are here to assist you. Additionally, we offer After Parties to extend the celebration, as we pay attention to every detail and capture each precious moment, creating lasting memories that will stay with you for years to come.

Chinese Wedding Ceremony
Thai Wedding Ceremony
Religious Ceremony
Muslim Weddings Traditions
Indian Wedding Ceremony
Christian Wedding Tradition
Wedding Party
After Party
Bachelor and Bachelorette Party
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